Siglacom Strategy Keynote
Country Site and Store

Sebastiano Tartari - Chief project Manager Siglacom
For the growth of companies, it often becomes important to explore the possibility of internationalizing and verifying the potential of new markets.
However, this type of operation requires huge financial commitments and often the need to establish a new physical structure within the new potential market, before knowing the real possibilities that can be drawn from this new adventure.
The web is able to overcome these types of obstacles, minimizing what may be the start-up costs of these projects. Thanks to the development of our proprietary platform, we have implemented software that we call Country Site or Country Store depending on whether we talk about showcase sites and editorial or e-commerce sites, able to set up and help the company to attack new markets, with products, services and a communication tailored to the reference market. Last but not least, this type of software allows real-time analysis data to be obtained, real market analysis feedback.
Thanks to SEO-type tools, positioning on search engines specific to a specific country, the possibility of activating pay x click advertising and therefore of push marketing activities, the company can explore the potentially interesting market and see directly what kinds of results can you get.
Last but not least, the feedback coming from users allows us to understand if all our services and products are interesting or if there are some that are better for attacking the new market.

This possibility is also increased by the opportunity for partnerships that can, here and for sure, go to create on the reference market that has been chosen. In fact, the structure of the country site or country store can also be used directly by the physical partner found in the market, without losing direct contact with potential customers who have come into contact with our product or service. This is a great plus that is given to the company, which combines two advantages, namely that of having analyzed and found a truly receptive market for its product or service and at the same time being able to delegate to a reality on the spot, those that can be the most purely commercial initiatives, which only those in the field can identify.
The technical structures guaranteed by the Siglacom proprietary platform of Country site and Country Store, together with the strategic consultancy of the reference project manager, can therefore help a company find new outlets and internationalize, minimizing start-up costs.
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