Prati Stabili
Event at Simone Rugiati's Food Loft

Prati Stabili

Territory, passion and ancient stories: here are the key words that describe the preview event of the millennial fair of Gonzaga in the food loft of Simone Rugiati. Thanks to the promotion of Mantua Golosa, during the Millennium Fair, Latteria San Pietro and other dairies in the territory of the permanent meadows present the project for the enhancement of the Prati Stabili of the Valli del Mincio.
In the territory of stable meadows, agrarian ecosystems that arise spontaneously in the area of ​​the municipalities of Goito, Roverbella, Marmirolo and Porto Mantovano, is produced a unique Grana Padano DOP of its kind. The project, under the auspices of Confcooperative and financed by the Lombardy Region, involves six dairy cooperatives, four farms, the Parco del Mincio body, the Goito Get Up Association, the CRPA Foundation of Reggio Emilia, Promocoop Lombardia and the administrations of the four municipalities of the Prati Stabili territory.

Siglacom has built and implemented a video communication project, aimed at enhancing the business and the initiative of Prati Stabili: enhancing the collaborative aspects of the initiative, with the sound box guaranteed by the culinary ambassador, the project managers were guided to assume an important communicative role, presenting itself to the stakeholders and thus validating the commitment to the initiative.

Project Management Siglacom

Features: Business and communication strategies /  Enhancement of brand identity / Video interviews / Video marketing
Team: Strategist / Project manager / Drone pilot / Camera operator
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