Gruppo Caem
Our territory, our commitment

Caem Group has decided to contribute in organizing and sponsoring the Fiera di Grazie as a unique excellence in the Mantua and Italian territory and therefore of fundamental importance for Caem customers.
In partnership with the local authorities and with the desire to create the right terrain for the development of commercial opportunities, Caem has had the aim of increasing its brand awareness in a new target audience: the final consumer.

Together with the Siglacom team, the messages, the communication cut and the graphics useful for the construction of the Graces urban furniture were studied: the desire was to create effective messages within visual impact that could give importance to the brand , which fit into the urban context desired by the City of Curtatone.
An initiative of immediate engagement with the public has been studied and developed, thanks to the presence on paper materials distributed in the fair of checkable QR Code and the "Caem ti pay parking" initiative has been studied, through which all the participants at the fair they were able to benefit from the discount of the fair parking, in the form of a voucher to be spent within the Caem points of sale. This in order to lengthen the brand's communication queue, monitor returns on investment and empathically approach the new target.

Siglacom Project Management

Features: brief with the client and project design / storytelling study and storyboard video creation / graphic design / realization of urban furniture / studio layout stand
Team: strategist / project manager / cameraman / drone pilot / / graphic designer
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