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A "Cheeseful" Christmas 2021 |

This year for Christmas time, Siglacom decided to involve its team in a new experience: instead of the usual cutting of “panettone”, we celebrated with a product dear to our territory, the Grana Padano PDO. The enhancement of a local excellence and the desire to spread an innovative way to celebrate, gave rise to the idea of involving our partner Latteria San Pietro with the proposal of a 24 months Grana Padano PDO wheel, from their passionate work and from the stable meadows area of the Mantua High Plain of Valle del Mincio. Latteria San Pietro has delighted us with a thousand-year-old tradition renewed by the production manager Paolo: the ancient art of the Grana Padano wheel cutting. 
A unique experience to toast to a 2018 that has brought us many successes, waiting for a new year full of goals to reach!

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