Grana Padano
Francesca Rava Foundation

Grana Padano and Fondazione Rava seal their solidarity bond with the realization of a project, which will bring new benefits to the many children of Haiti suffering from serious malnutrition pathologies.
A commitment that begins at Expo 2015, on the occasion of the inauguration of the dairy in Cascina Triulza: the proceeds of the two forms of Grana Padano produced daily are donated to the Foundation.
"We are happy to be able, once again, to offer our concrete support to the young population of Haiti through a non-profit organization like Francesca Rava Foundation, which believes in the values ​​of efficiency and transparency. We are equally proud of being able to complete the commitment made during Expo 2015 and to be able to see the results of this operation "- says Nicola Cesare Baldrighi, president of the Grana Padano Consortium.

The Siglacom team, present at the event, supported the client in enhancing the personalities involved, through video reportage and photo shootings.

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