Grana Padano
Gardaland fun meets excellence

Feeling good, having fun, quality time and solidarity are the values ​​shared by two Made in Italy excellences: Grana Padano, the most consumed DOP product in the world, and Gardaland, the number one Amusement Park in Italy .

The commonality of these values ​​finds expression in the synergy that has been created between the two brands, celebrated with an inaugural event of the partnership at Gardaland with the participation of the children of the Casa Famiglia in Milan curated by the Rava Foundation.

The Siglacom team, together with the Consortium for the protection of Grana Padano DOP, has built a report that tells the day of celebration and the extraordinary combination of two realities that promote well-being and quality, in Italy and in the world.

Siglacom Project Management
Features: asset valuation strategies / brand communication / video interviews / video reportage / photography
Team: Project manager / Movie team / Photographer
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