Emiliana Serbatoi

Emiliana Serbatoi


Company production and sale of fuel tanks: 
transportable fuel tanks, diesel tanks, diesel fuel distributors, automatic nozzle for dispensing, fuel electronic meter, fuel tanks manufacture, liquid storage tanks, exhaust oil storage tank, fuel transfer pumps, drum oil storage, polyethylene water tanks.

During the years the company has confirmed its professional and commercial seriousness which is demonstrated also nowadays thanks to the high quality of the products.

The activity of producing transportable fuel tanks can be summarised into five principal phases, starting from the project of the product to go on with the welding. The third activity includes the coating of the products which is carried out inside an extremely innovative cabin supplied with an advanced system for the electrostatic coating. In the assembly phase all the technical components of tank fuel and double-wall buried tanks are assembled. Finally, before the product is put on the market there is the testing phase to control the quality of the finished products using careful tests.

The company only uses output systems and relevant accessories of the best quality in all national and international territory, standing out for its great reliability and user-friendliness assembly and use, always putting safety in first place. Emiliana Serbatoi produces transportable fuel tanks, diesel fuel distributors, automatic nozzle for dispensing, fuel electronic meter, fuel tanks manufacture, liquid storage tanks, exhaust oil storage tank, fuel transfer pumps, drum oil storage and polyethylene water tanks.

The company is characterized also for a solid and stable internal structure. The commercial service deals with customer management and also with technical assistance and maintenance. The technical service deals with software and hardware development. The production service task is to manage the acceptance and forwarding warehouse but it also controls the production stages. A big importance is entrusted to the quality control service which has to control the technical, commercial and production service.

As to the distributors (distributors and diesel output units, distributors and petrol output units, pumps, meters, nozzles, special equipments, control systems) Emiliana Serbatoi uses only distributors and related accessories of high usability and security.

The company sales network is in phase of expansion in the international market. In addition to German, France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, the company has two ambitious aims: the north and the east Europe and the Middle Eastern countries.

Fuel tanks, diesel tanks, water tanks manufacturers and dealers.

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