Pesciolino Rosso

Pesciolino Rosso

Ema Pesciolinorosso Foundation deals with the development of innovative projects with the employment of young people in search of employment. The many ideas developed by Gianpietro Ghidini and his son Emanuele, will be used to create new companies with the use of boys will try to meet ambitious targets. Instead of waiting for the end of the crisis, Ema Pesciolinorosso Foundation tries to go beyond the crisis.

It was created on December 4, 2013 a facebook page, which in 30 days has gotten over 12,000 "Likes" and was visited by 100,000 people, mainly young people and parents, who share the issues discussed in the post.

In addition to the Foundation, the Ghidini's family would like to know the history of Emanuele to signal to young people the dangers of certain substances, giving a message of seeking a dialogue with their parents than with false friends.

Also going to start a musical project, by which will be selected in a CD the 12 best songs, sung in memory of Emmanuel and / or pertaining to the world of young people.

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