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A journey with Werner Broz - ep.1 - The beginning


A journey with Werner Broz - ep.2 - Work hard, think big


A journey with Werner Broz - ep.3 - Over the ocean and back

Werner Broz

I introduce myself…
Hello, I am 45 years old, since about 10 years I like to run... but two years ago I became a triathlete.
It all started as a joke, but many races after, it's just my life.

2015 was the year of change with the New York marathon: the 42.195 mt most famous in the world.
La Grande Mela con i suoi vertiginosi grattaceli, ha un fascino incredibile, tutto sembra più grande, le auto, i palazzi, i parchi… e Central I ran the marathon in 2h42’ reaching the 122 th place overall.

This result has made me grow as a person and has increased my self-esteem.

On 07/31/2016 I went to Scanno in Abruzzo, the race was hard, very hard, the speaker said it was the toughest in the world !!! In fact he was right, endless climbs and scary descents. I put all the will and the commitment can, however, try to enjoy the track and have fun, cramps torment me during the run, but then I can control them and after 3H38 'I come to the finish, satisfied to have finished !!!

Later when I saw the charts, I could not restrain a cry of joy !!!
Third of my category !!
A month later an email:
"Hi WERNER - You are invited to XTERRA World Championship. Congratulations! You've received 2016 XTERRA World Championship Qualifier Slot from Italy! "

And now I'm here ... with you.

Thank you for believing in me.
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full course
XTERRA World Championship Off-Road Triathlon in Maui, Hawaii is the world’s premier off-road triathlon, combining a 1.5-kilometer (1-mile) rough water swim, a 32-kilometer (20-miles) mountain bike and a 10.5-kilometer (6.5 miles) trail run best described as a tropical roller-coaster ride through pineapple fields and forests.

In Maui will race 800 athletes from 28 countries and 42 U.S. states including professionals and amateurs.

The XTERRA World Championship race is the last in a series of nearly 100 off-road triathlon races held in 16 countries and 30+ U.S. States. 
The concept is to provide a bona-fide off-road world championship for amateur and pro athletes.

The XTERRA World Championship course is perpetually evolving.  In 1996 the race featured point-to-point swim, bike, and run legs over sharp lava rocks and dry, dusty bowls on Maui’s south shore.  This year it’ll traverse wet forest trails, pineapple fields, and ridgelines high above the northwest coast.

Competitors in 2016 will be treated to more single track trails on the bike and another half-mile of twisting, technical trail running before they reach the finish line.

It all starts with a 1.5-kilometer rough water swim at D.T. Fleming Beach fronting the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. Once on the bike riders navigate from the Ritz to a ridge line - down to a ravine - and back up again, like a tropical roller-coaster ride through paradise.
The bike is one big 20-mile loop with 2,800-feet of climbing that goes up-and-down the lower slopes of the West Maui Mountains more than a dozen times.
Once on the run competitors will be faced with a whole lot of climbing while they weave along dirt trails, through oleander forests, and into 60-foot high ironwood evergreens to an unexpected mountain lake at the 700-foot level.
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Nalini, race authentic

Real people, real products.
The history of Nalini is focused on the passion of Vincenzo and Claudio Mantovani. A passion that goes through the history of Cyclism both in terms of products innovations and of building strong partnerships with the most important professional teams and champions. From its debut till the most recent victories, Nalini has been able to renew itself but always hanging to its history and to its original and Authentic passion.

It is Authentic because it is real and concrete, moreover supported by an unique production structure, a totally vertical enterprise which is able to supervise the entire production cycle. It is Authentic because it is able to produce essential, real original cycle garments, chosen by the most demending athletes and cyclists. Finally, it is authentic because the product is made by passionate, dedicated workers who are able to combine the technology and constant improvement to the warm and timeless human touch.

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Canottieri Mincio, perseverando arrivi


Siglacom, internet business since 1996

Siglacom since 1996 studies the evolution of the web and communication to ensure its customers the highest strategic support to achieve their business goals.

The design of strategies and services developed to achieve them, are web-oriented, because for its own nature Internet, thought as a social environment, it's the catalyst of people's needs and the driving force of the new answers for satisfy them.

The synergy between Siglacom strategies and know-how of our customer, is a fundamental condition to face competition at the highest levels of national and world markets.
The assets of the Partnership are the study of the business, defining the strategic model, the realization of the Internet Business Site, Movie Studios, Multimedia and development Search Engine Marketing, the dynamic management of Social Nework through Viral Marketing and Reputation Marketing.
The Vision is expressed in the personal relationship with the customer, constantly focused on details.

Siglacom: "Always one step ahead, at your side."
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