Mantova Export

Mantova Export

Mantova Export is the consortium that offers a consulting service to the companies. 

Mantova Export is an import export companies association that offer services of import-export advice, global market research, combined nomenclature, european community trademark, european trademark advice, european patent advice, european import export consulting, european trader advice, intrastat advice.

The association is specialized in providing qualified services regarding import & export aspects: market researches, search of potential customers, agents and/or suppliers, mark & patent researches, international contracts, customs, tax and currency rules, market information, EC-Standards, foreign laws, translations, interpreting, teleconference phonecalls with simultaneous translation, etc...

Mantova Export was founded in 1974 by a companies group and the main Mantuan Associations and banks; the associated companies are more than 180, that is to say approximately 40% of the exporting firms of Mantuan Province and cover all the different commodity fields, such as for example agricultural equipment and machines, clothes and accessories, electronic and electrotechnical articles, furnishing, industrial products, building, cosmetics, foods tuffs, household articles, industrial products, machines and plants, paintbrushes, sport and leisure articles equipment, toys, vehicles, accessories and parts, wood and zootechnical products.

On the site it's possible to research among both the different commodity fields and companies, if you are looking for addresses and contacts, to find products and producers.

Professional services offered to the companies who work in the European market are constantly up to date to offer a service coherent with the changes of the market. Among the entire range of services it's possible to list some examples:
> import export advice
> global market research (agents, distributors, suppliers, telemarketing)
> combined nomenclature
> European community trademark
> European trademark advice
> European patent advice
> European import export consulting
> European trader advice
> Intrastat advice (Intrastat, transports, custom, payments, documents for foreign countries, contracts)
> European export companies association
> translations (translations and interpreting)
> marks and patent search (marks, patents, marks surveillance, marks and patents filling)

Two section “News and events” and “Search and offer” are really important. In the first one the principal exhibitions of the period, the meetings organized by Mantova Export and some relevant deepening are constantly presented for all the companies who work in the field of exportations. In the section “Search and offer” everybody can insert some brief announcements to find particular categories of products and services.

Finally also the section “Useful links” include a list of web sites of high relevance for all the companies who need import export consulting. The European Union web site, the Government Finance web site and Federexport are only three examples.

On the web site section “How to associate”, including all the schedules to associate and a detailed explanation of the advantages that you can obtain.

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