Edizioni L'Informatore Agrario

Edizioni L'Informatore Agrario


Informatore Agrario is an Italian newsroom that offers the best practices for agriculture lovers in different journalistic headline.

The Informatore Agrario’s magazine is the professional agriculture journal that is aimed at technicians, farmers, ranchers and all those who feel the need to question political, technical and economic linked to the world of agriculture. This weekly magazine dedicated to agriculture world allows a full update on agricultural techniques, offers suggestions for adapting agricultural production, offers opportunities for verification and incentive to work better.

Vita in Campagna is the monthly magazine of popular farming practice and environmental education that caters to small farmers and ranchers, to lovers of gardening, vegetable garden, nature and everything that the country offers.

MAD is a monthly for professional agriculture. This magazine is interested in agricultural machinery, tractors, farm equipment and farmers. The magazine contains market analysis, debates, polls, opinions and comments of agricultural machinery, notices of inventions, new agricultural machinery and equipment and adaptations made by farmers and contractors.

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