Waldkorn® is inspired by the millenary tradition of growing ancient cereals.
For centuries, wheat has been man's main food.

Today Waldkorn® allows you to relive and rediscover the authentic and original taste of unique cereals, forgotten for centuries due to the complex processing and low production yield that characterizes them, but which represent the progenitors of the currently most widespread cereals: durum wheat and Wheat. The cultivation of ancient cereals dates back thousands of years and is native to the Middle East, from where it spread to the Mediterranean basin and Central Europe.
Enclosed in a solid protective casing, these cereals were more than others able to withstand the weather and the attacks of fungi and bacteria, managing to preserve their precious content of taste and nutrients. An envelope present even after the cereal threshing phase and therefore required a further processing phase. This, combined with the low production yield and the increase in demand, has meant that these precious crops were, over the years, abandoned in favor of more profitable crops.

Today Waldkorn® allows you to rediscover these millenary grains which, thanks to the integrity of their grain, have preserved their genuine flavor and their original qualities, offering unique organoleptic characteristics for a pure and authentic taste experience.
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