Supersprint was born in 1955 with the gaol of building the highest quality exhaust systems in the world. 
Supersprint manufacture exhaust systems and highest quality exhaust components for street cars and race cars for a full range of automotive brands.
Custom road racing applications require hand made, thin wall stainless steel tubing to produce the highest and most useful power from the lightest system. Road race applications are different from off road applications: for that reason Supersprint examines every situations individually to realize the best possible part for the needs of customer.

- Alfa romeo exhaust systems 
- Audi exhaust systems 
- Bmw exhaust systems 
- Bmw mini exhaust systems 
- Chevrolet exhaust systems 
- Chrysler / Dodge exhaust systems 
- Citroen exhaust systems 
- Ferrari exhaust systems 
- Fiat exhaust systems 
- Ford exhaust systems 
- Honda exhaust systems 
- Jaguar exhaust systems 
- Jeep exhaust systems 
- Lancia exhaust systems 
- Land rover exhaust systems 
- Lotus exhaust systems 
- Maserati exhaust systems 
- Mazda exhaust systems 
- Mercedes exhaust systems 
- Mitsubishi exhaust systems 
- Nissan exhaust systems 
- Opel exhaust systems 
- Peugeot exhaust systems 
- Porsche exhaust systems 
- Renault exhaust systems 
- Rover / mg exhaust systems 
- Seat exhaust systems 
- Skoda exhaust systems 
- Subaru exhaust systems 
- Suzuki exhaust systems 
- Toyota exhaust systems 
- Volkswagen exhaust systems 
- Volvo exhaust systems 
- Universal silencers exhaust systems

A Supersprint Exhaust System is the natural choice for anyone looking to improve the performance, aesthetics and acoustics of their vehicle. 
The international dealers and delivery network can promptly deliver the exhaust systems, headers, mufflers and any parts to any destination worldwide. All of Supersprint exhaust systems are manufactured in Italy. Supersprint produces also high performance exhaust systems for Supercar vehicles. Thanks to its team of designers and engineers, Supersprint manufactures finest exhaust systems. 
The Supersprint catalog includes exhaust systems for the latest model cars and high performance sports exhaust developed for fast road use.

Supersprint sells high quality exhaust systems all over the world.

strategic business development

Siglacom's integrated strategic development service supports the entrepreneur in developing his business through the assistance of a Project Manager who follows the project directly and constantly with a theme built around the needs of the client.
Strategic business development allows the entrepreneur to align physical communications with digital ones, making his business model "digital compliant" facilitating strategic development activities and maximizing returns in terms of return on investment.

The strategic business development includes numerous project managers and social media managers, each of whom has transversal specializations such as:
  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • Digital comunication strategy
  • E-commerce strategy & development
  • Startup business management
  • Social media managment
  • Digital Experience strategy
  • Programmatic & Advertising strategy
  • Crowdfounding strategy & support
  • Event pianification & stratgy value
  • Internationalization strategy & development
The Strategic business development service allows the company and the entrepreneur to find an experienced and reliable partner, able to bring an important added value for the development of their business model through a team of professionals who will work directly with the entrepreneur or to its managers to allow the realization of strategies tailored to their needs, considerably improving the chances of increasing economic returns on investments and the return of their business projects.
Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom supports its customers as real partners, to ensure the best possible level of coaching has built a customer service department that ensures a single referent for the entire duration of the project and a prompt response to the needs of the customer.

digitization and integration of processes

Siglacom's Digitization and Integration Service makes available to its customers the Strategic Digital Development Team available to companies, who need multi-channel integration to make all the various company areas communicate with each other through the digital tool with the relative reference software present or implementable in the organization itself (management, crm management, web platform, e-commerce, cloud computing, crypto currencies ... etc.).

Since 1996 Siglacom has been supporting companies that invest in the digitalization and optimization of processes, from the experience gained in over 20 years Siglacom provides the know-how of its Strategic Digital Development Team to facilitate digital integration processes, allowing a single referent to manage in an integrated way, multiple platforms that can communicate and interact with each other, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes.

Some of the main integration processes carried out by the Strategic Digital Development Team are:
  • Management integration with web platforms
  • Integration of e-commerce with management and CRM systems
  • Digitization of paper catalogs with Digital Brochures
  • Integration of business systems with cloud technology
To encourage the processes and the fast development of the business of its partners, Siglacom has built its own proprietary platform that can be customized according to the needs of its customers, ensuring tailor-made design that makes the integration of IT systems simple.
The Siglacom Web Platform can also be interfaced with all the management software available on the market and has been specifically integrated with the most modern cloud computing technologies.

Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom supports its customers as real partners, to ensure the best possible level of coaching has built a customer service department that ensures a single referent for the entire duration of the project and a prompt response to the needs of the customer.

integrated operational support in a omnichannel approach

The integrated operational support of Siglacom supports the customer in the design development and activation of a series of operations for the management and development of their business, relying on a flexible structure with specific expertise and know how structured since 1996.

Siglacom provides its departments (Graphic design, Movie, software engineering, cloud platform, visual merchandising, event, etc. ..) for an integrated management of the operational activities of its customer ensuring a contact contact unique and continuous so as to make it easily external and controllable all or some of the operative activities that go from the production of physical and digital material to the realization of Video tailor made.

The main departments that are part of the Siglacom operational support program:
  • Graphyc & Design
  • Movie & Service
  • Photography & Shooting
  • Cloud computing
  • Software development
  • Web platform
  • E-commerce platform
Siglacom's integrated operational support in optichannel approac is available in different configurations suitable for each specific case ranging from start-ups to well-established international companies operating all over the world who need a strategic partner able to offer a high-value service added.
Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom affianca i propri clienti come fossero veri e propri partner, per garantire il miglior livello di affiancamento possibile ha costruito un reparto di servizio clienti che assicura un referente unico per l’intera durata del progetto ed una prontezza di risposta alle esigenze del cliente costante.
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