Founded in Minerbe, located 40km from Verona, since its beginning, Simem featured a keen eye to the international dimention of the concrete business. As time passed, new subsidiaries were born in order to satisfy both internal and nearby countries markets’ requests. Today, the Simem family of companies could be defined as a “pocket-sized” multinational organization featuring 4 subsidiaries, exclusive distribution agreements or agency contracts in almost every country in the world.

Since then, Simem has been involved in three macro-worlds:
  • solutions for concrete production
  • solutions for automation and prefabrication
  • solutions for tunnelling and mining projects

strategic business development

Siglacom's integrated strategic development service supports the entrepreneur in developing his business through the assistance of a Project Manager who follows the project directly and constantly with a theme built around the needs of the client.
Strategic business development allows the entrepreneur to align physical communications with digital ones, making his business model "digital compliant" facilitating strategic development activities and maximizing returns in terms of return on investment.

The strategic business development includes numerous project managers and social media managers, each of whom has transversal specializations such as:
  • Marketing & Communication strategy
  • Digital comunication strategy
  • E-commerce strategy & development
  • Startup business management
  • Social media managment
  • Digital Experience strategy
  • Programmatic & Advertising strategy
  • Crowdfounding strategy & support
  • Event pianification & stratgy value
  • Internationalization strategy & development
The Strategic business development service allows the company and the entrepreneur to find an experienced and reliable partner, able to bring an important added value for the development of their business model through a team of professionals who will work directly with the entrepreneur or to its managers to allow the realization of strategies tailored to their needs, considerably improving the chances of increasing economic returns on investments and the return of their business projects.

Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom supports its customers as real partners, to ensure the best possible level of coaching has built a customer service department that ensures a single referent for the entire duration of the project and a prompt response to the needs of the customer.


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