Raccorderie Metalliche

Raccorderie Metalliche
Raccorderie Metalliche


Raccorderie Metalliche in one of the leading companies at the world-wide level as for the production of pressfittings.

Raccorderie Metalliche started manufacturing stainless steel press fittings and becoming a leader in Italy. Now the production includes: Pressfitting system in stainless steel, Pressfitting system in Carbon steel, Pressfitting system in copper and bronze developed for any corrosion-proof application, Pressfitting system in CuproNickel a special copper/nickel alloy, insulation for pressfitting systems used for thermal insulation of any plant.

Raccorderie Metalliche originally manufactured threaded and bull welded both in carbon and in stainless steel. At present the company invest to improve quality through new production techniques and process automation. Stainless steel and carbon steel welding and threading fittings are widely used in industrial plants under pressure, water treatment plants, potable water treatment, compressed air and technical gas distribution.

Welding and threaded fittings in carbon steel are mainly used in industrial installations, on pressure plants, for plumbing and sanitary in real estates, heating and cooling installations, compressed air and technical gas distribution plants.

Welding and threaded fittings in stainless steel are highly resistant to corrosion and are used in pressure, water treatment, potable water treatment, compressed air and technical gas disribution plants.

Raccorderie Metalliche manufactures and distributes also fixing systems for the civil and industrial sectors and plugs and reducers in steel for radiators.


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