Update technology to serve the strategy


Strengthening the brand's strength in its second phase of life following its launch as a startup, connecting and positioning in a highly competitive market to increase the volume of business generated and to follow and support integration: this strategic mission that has been entrusted to Siglacom .
From this idea, the communicative declination is concretized in the desire to offer the target audience a real seamless experience between offline and online, laying the foundations for the creation of a portal and high performance and able to better manage , under the profiles of authorization marketing, the company's business developments.


The analysis of the digital concept of the "One Tile" brand, which reached the consolidation phase on the market, was the initial phase that guided the development aimed at the technical upgrade and obtaining the maximum performance capacity in terms of performance on the Search engines and usability for users.

The usability studies carried out in the development phases have allowed us to create new graphic design solutions capable of presenting a modern and effective look and feel, able to adapt to the requests for graphic customization in an omnichannel perspective.


Particular focus was given to the primary purpose of the web project: to be a stimulus and business source for the opening of new channels and the consolidation of the partnerships reached.
For this reason, a strategic analysis of the most receptive areas was carried out in order to transform the browsing experience into a business driver with high added value. Product sheets, call to action and in-depth information guarantee the user of fundamental touch points from an omnichannel perspective: the experience with the brand is "seamless" or does not undergo changes in communicative tone, giving continuity and strength to the message.
The strategic project pays close attention to the multi-channel experience by exploiting the concepts of geolocation and proximity as a business asset.
For this reason, a section has been developed dedicated to the store locator that allows you to take advantage of mobile and desktop geotagging and that uses call to action to increase user interaction, return to business and enhancement of partnership relationships.
The visibility and effectiveness on search engines allow you to enhance the web as a commercial lever for business and promotion.

UX design and mobile

The digital context is experiencing a moment of profound change where mobile users increasingly play an essential part of the digital market both in terms of traffic, but above all of contact and e-commerce conversions. With this change, the main Search Engines have had to update their algorithms in order to better meet new user requests by requiring ever higher standards from web platforms.
The new web platform has been designed and developed specifically to meet the highest standards required by the Search Engines in order to offer its customers a portal capable, on the one hand, of satisfying all the criteria of excellence necessary to better index its website on search engines and on the other hand offer the possibility of interfacing with any modern management system, ensuring automatisms and full connection between the digital world and the corporate world.

In developing the platform, particular attention was paid to:
  • Usability
  • Top Performance Mobile & Tablet
  • Desktop Top Performance
  • SEO and SEM Custom Automation
  • Social Wall connection
  • Country site 2.0
  • multidomain

Social recognition and trust

Onetile is building its online reputation thanks to a continuous dialogue with its community also through social networks. To enhance this brand communication commitment, plugins have been created dedicated to the enhancement of reviews and comments, useful for validating direct brand communication.
The empathic value and strength of social word of mouth, guided by business strategies, helps to close the communication circle and increase returns for the brand.
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