Messori is an Italian menswear fashion company founded in 1976 in FioranoModenese, Modena,  or years engaged in the production of tailored high quality clothing for men. The company has always believed in Made in Italy as a core value at the base of each article of clothing made,  in terms of origin and quality of the product. As a matter of fact, each piece of clothing or accessory for men has a hologram which certifies that is 100% Made in Italy.

Germana Martinelli and Gianmarco Messori, stylists for this brand, study  every detail of menswear fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. The high quality of men's clothes designed by this fashion brand, that is the intrinsic value of Made in Italy clothing, is obtained through careful selection of fabrics, excellent tailoring and precious details.

Messori fashion house is aimed at a man who loves to follow fashion  trends and pays attention to details, elegant, smart and able to express its uniqueness through the clothes he wears. To satisfy the most demanding clientele, the company offers a Made to Measure service: it is possible to produce high quality tailor-made suits and shirts, fashioned by skillful tailors. Made to Measure man clothes are tailored respecting client’s needs and preferences in terms of size and fabrics. A wide range of high quality fabrics is provided, such as Loro Piana fabrics, pure silk, jersey, and precious cottons. The main objective of Messori is to create a whole range of stylish and luxury man clothes.

The company also offers a complete range of high-range handmade men’s clothes and accessories that includes dresses, shirts, jackets, vests, sweaters, polo shirts, jeans, pants, ties, loafers and lace-up shoes, reflecting the great tradition of Italian tailoring. Thanks to high quality tailoring and attention to details, this brand is one of the leading Italian companies specialized in men’s clothing.

Well representative of Messori’s style are the testimonials selected to give a face to the men’s clothing collections: the singers Nek, Angelo Branduardi, and Amedeo Minghi , the writers Valerio Massimo Manfredi and Giorgio Faletti, andphotographer Franco Fontana.

Messori’s customers can choose from a wide range of fully tailored male clothing, whether they want a casual look or an elegant style. The company offers afree app for iPhone and iPad. The application, downloadable from the iTunes Store, allows customers to see all the collections of the Italian fashion house, watch videos of fashion shows and interviews to testimonials, find boutiquesand all the latest information about this brand.

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