Federica Restani
Art is the place of Potential


Federica Restani
Art Director


Giving strength to a personal brand, emotional communication and digital empathy are the elements that combine to make the figure of Federica Restani unique, within a highly competitive world such as that of theater and cinema, in a distinctive and unique way: this is the strategic mission that was entrusted to Siglacom.

From this idea, the communicative declination materialized in the desire to offer the public a flow of emotions evoked by art, in which to immerse yourself and live a dreamlike experience. This is made possible by the multiple contextualizations that can see a person as the protagonist in the context of social engineering.

Thanks to digital technology and the correct management of the figure of the protagonist within different situations and in relation to different people, it will be possible to build an empathic relationship well before knowing each other, streamlining all social conventions and, in the human sphere, speeding up the achievement of social and artistic goals.
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