Ega Scotoni
Emotional UX design


To give strength to a brand, to connote it and to position the startup Ega Scotoni within the water market in a distinctive and unique way: this is the strategic mission that has been entrusted to Siglacom.
From this idea, the communicative declination has materialized in the desire to offer the target audience a real immersive experience in the flow of Ega water and in the peaks of the Dolomites that embrace it, with a main mantra: the biunivocità between water and well-being of the person, in body and spirit, united by Mother Nature and her life cycle.

The transcendence of water and its preciousness is the distinctive concept of Ega compared to its main competitors classified as "luxury waters".


The analysis of the digital concept of the new brand "Ega Scotoni" was the initial phase before embarking on the technical discussion of how and what to communicate through the web platform, how to optimize UX design and how to convert more, in order to optimize brand consistency on all communication channels, starting from digital ones.

An emotional language, which from graphics to content, crosses the platform of the new "Ega Scotoni" Brand, conceived and studied to strike the user's imagination and wrap it lightly and purely in the surprising journey of its rare water.

Being a brand to be built in its foundations, the Siglacom Team Strategy started from the definition of the specific assets of the product, of the company and of its territory of belonging - Alta Badia and the Dolomites, a territory protected by UNESCO - which distinguishes predominant the product, its promotion and its marketing.

In fact, Ega water flows from the highest source in Europe (at 2,148 meters above sea level) in a protected territory of indomitable beauty and strong tourist attraction.
These analyzed elements led to the business and communication strategy based on the principle of "scarcity": owning Ega water, such a rare and pure good, is a possibility given to a few and to those who truly know how to appreciate its excellent properties and know how to respect the environment.

UX design

From preliminary strategic analyzes, the Design and Develop teams have developed a platform with a particular focus on UX design, which guarantees high performance in terms of usability and graphic impact, on all devices, with a particular focus on smartphones and mobile experience .

In particular, the programming language and its graphic usability take into account the immediacy of the information to be conveyed, clear and intuitive navigation paths and the speed of loading the pages, so as to guarantee a complete and satisfying browsing experience.

The solution designed is able to combine the flexibility of correlation between various elements of the site, the lightness of the site pages and the adaptability of all content formats (photos, videos, texts, audio files).

Experiential immersion

The desire to reach and excite its audience at first glance has guided the stylistic and graphic choice of the website.
The same goal led to the development of an immersive usability, to guide the user in a new web experience.

Technical and strategic solutions have been developed to increase the interactivity between the user and the site, in order to better know the potential customer and promote the distinctive assets of the product.
Among these, for example, the touch point tool to enhance the design of Ega water bottles and go into the discovery of meticulous study and the opportunities offered by packaging.

Video and sensory experience

The use of videos in the main sections, such as "Acqua Ega", drops the user into the sensorial experience, starting from the visual one, in the purity and freshness of the water. It almost seems to feel the rush of water, its impalpable freshness, its thirst-quenching taste.

Just as the full-page images of the Dolomites increase the perception of the indomitable beauty of nature and the almost celestial purity of the water.

The side anchor menu items offer an alternative and modern navigation path, optimally usable both from desktop and from mobile.

Stimulate business

The project also enjoys an in-depth attention to monitoring performance with a view to increasing ROI, through the definition of specific dedicated KPIs, careful semantic activity in an SEO key, the appropriate use of the technical fields developed for platform, constant analysis of the analytical tools made available by Google.

In particular, the study of the business, the analysis of its potential targets, and the knowledge of UX, led the project team to evaluate the development of particular technical tools and "call-to-action" graphics tools in key pages of the site, aimed at stimulating the conversion of both B2B and B2C targets.
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