With over 65 years of experience, Commerfrutta, in Cerlongo di Goito, specializes in the wholesale and distribution of fruit and vegetables of undisputed quality. In fact, our goal has always been to buy fruit and vegetables only from certified supply chains and select the best goods: this, combined with timeliness and punctuality in deliveries, has allowed us to maintain that continuity with our customers that distinguishes us from Always.

Commerfrutta branded fruit and vegetables have now become a guarantee not only for retailers but also for end customers who prefer to choose resellers for their purchases, whether they are in the shop or at the market or street vendors, who get their supplies from us wholesalers.

Quality is certainly the decisive reason for choosing Commerfrutta's wholesale but not the only one: merchants can also count on the delivery service directly to the shop or to the market from which they carry out the resale, thus solving the problem of risks and refueling costs. Commerfrutta's commitment to promoting the excellence of fruit and vegetables can also be seen in the method of treatment and delivery of the goods which always maintains extremely high standards.


digitization and integration of processes

Siglacom's Digitization and Integration Service makes available to its customers the Strategic Digital Development Team available to companies, who need multi-channel integration to make all the various company areas communicate with each other through the digital tool with the relative reference software present or implementable in the organization itself (management, crm management, web platform, e-commerce, cloud computing, crypto currencies ... etc.).

Since 1996 Siglacom has been supporting companies that invest in the digitalization and optimization of processes, from the experience gained in over 20 years Siglacom provides the know-how of its Strategic Digital Development Team to facilitate digital integration processes, allowing a single referent to manage in an integrated way, multiple platforms that can communicate and interact with each other, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes.

Some of the main integration processes carried out by the Strategic Digital Development Team are:
  • Management integration with web platforms
  • Integration of e-commerce with management and CRM systems
  • Digitization of paper catalogs with Digital Brochures
  • Integration of business systems with cloud technology
To encourage the processes and the fast development of the business of its partners, Siglacom has built its own proprietary platform that can be customized according to the needs of its customers, ensuring tailor-made design that makes the integration of IT systems simple.
The Siglacom Web Platform can also be interfaced with all the management software available on the market and has been specifically integrated with the most modern cloud computing technologies.

Siglacom Customer Care
Siglacom supports its customers as real partners, to ensure the best possible level of coaching has built a customer service department that ensures a single referent for the entire duration of the project and a prompt response to the needs of the customer.
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