Canottieri Mincio
Olympic Triathlon

After 60 years a sporting event has made it possible to bring citizens closer to a symbiotic relationship with their lake. The "Olympic Triathlon" reported, with bathing in Lake Superior of Mantua, 350 people to dive and swim in open water. A turning point the one made by the athletes that also applies figuratively, a historic moment that will see future scenarios open in which "bathing in the lake" is no longer a utopia for citizens and tourists.

Mantova has one of the most fascinating water stories in Italy, the 3 lakes around the city completely surround it; it was one of the essential conditions of its defensive system and its urban layout in the past, while in more recent times it has been strategic to produce the best of the Lombard agri-food and naturalistic and landscape element that characterizes all its territory.

Today the analyzes of Arpa and Ats have certified the bathing of the superior lake; the law requires that these analyzes, even if already well within the limits of the law, are repeated for a few more years before issuing the definitive certification of bathing, but in any case the process has begun and in a positive way.

The Strategy and Movie team of Siglacom have been at the side of Canottieri Mincio for the enhancement of a very important event for the club and the sports groups: the Olympic Triathlon Championship.
The event organized by Canottieri Mincio, which was held in the waters of Lake Superior in Mantova, hosted over 300 athletes from all over Italy and had a great resonance throughout the circuit.

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