Camar Cleaning

Camar Cleaning
Camar Cleaning S.a.s. was founded in 2008 to meet the needs of customers and the constant changes that occur in cleaning services. From a practical point of view, the management of personnel and partly of customers is entrusted to an internal manager, which allows us to be as close as possible to customer needs.

Camar Cleaning deals with civil cleaning - both of small healthcare facilities and in areas of cleaning in contact with food - of industrial cleaning, treatments such as dewaxing and waxing, treatment of marble, treatment of linoleum, terracotta, parquet but also of washing windows and solar panels.
Today, Camar Cleaning's company is part of the Caffini Group, which also includes Caffini Lando and Emmecitre within it, created with the desire to offer itself as a single interlocutor to satisfy any type of cleaning, sanitization and treatment.
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