Negretti e Mantua Sport Network
Winning Partnership |

The customer's need was to create an event that promoted the presentation of the collaboration between Negretti Arreda and the Mantua Sport Network association, concretizing the need to link the prestigious brands of Mantua, the territory, the Partners, friends and potential supporters of the Mantua Sport Network sports project.

In order to meet these requirements, the Siglacom team, in Siglacom Club's club, has planned together with customers an event that would simultaneously host the entertainment and welcome in the beautiful Negretti showroom, as well as the presentation of the new partnership, recalling its meaning , facilitating relationships and especially business relations.
The team's focus has been complete, ranging from inviting guests to invitations, managing public relations, and managing video and photo shots.

Project Management Siglacom
targeting and stakeholder identification
invited guests
valorization of public relations
video reportage
video interviews

Project manager
Strategist & PR
Film director
Camera operator
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