The Perfect Notes


Dressing the woman branded Mantù is equivalent to dressing her soul. The charm of these tailored garments is in perfect harmony with the natural beauty of the spaces that hosted the photo shoots for Castor - Mantù SS 2020 LookBook.
It is in the extraordinary setting of Villa Giardino Sigurtà that an elegant and delicate backstage was held, witnessed in this backstage video by the Siglacom team.

The Strategy team and the Siglacom creative team have sartorially studied the making of the video, which wants to bring out the emotional vortex of a backstage that contains and preserves different emotions and sensations. The same, attributable in parallel to the productive work that is behind a collection.
This is why the rhythmic choice fell only on the expression of the noises of the ongoing creative process; it is the environment itself that is speaking, its sounds, its movements and its shouting. All these aspects, placed at the center of the narrative, served to illustrate in an intimate and intuitive way the value of the work signed Castor - Mantù.
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