Custom Powder coatings manufacturer with a corporate philosophy focused on peculiarities, all integrated by a super-fast production timing that set the concept of COLORE® as protection with colore as emotion.

Operating in powder coatings production for over than 20 years. Since the beginning COLORE® got into the market distinguishing itself for its high quality standard productions and for a remarkable customer service.

COLORE® is able to supply a wide range of thermosetting powder coating products on specific costumer request.

The production is divided in several product’s series, each different to the other per technical feature. For each of which could be reproduced  all color shades and various effects:
  • Smooth effect (glossy, semiglossy, semimatt, matt)
  • Protruding effect (strucutred, fine structured, textured)
  • Metallic effect (metallic effect, mica effect, pearl effect, glitter effect)
  • Polychromatic effect (multicolor, maxicolor)
  • COLORE® effect (fluorescent, fluo, colored fluorescent)
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