Chiara Bellini

Chiara Bellini

Chiara Bellini is an Italian brand, with an entirely Made in Italy production. Chiara Bellini sales Pvc footwear and Pvc bags.

The Italian brand debuted in the footwear industry with the Spring - Summer 2015 collection, which includes footwear models Pvc (Pvc colored sandals, flip-flops in pvc, pvc dancers, dancers with an iridescent gold, etc.).

For the fashion collection Spring - Summer 2015 Chiara Bellini has designed and produced a line of bags ball pvc, called Rock'n Ball. The bag is made of Pvc ball of different colors and is set to trendy teenagers and women of refined taste.

The Made in Italy company has also made a Fall Winter Collection 2014-15 men's and women that include Pvc rain boots (PVC boot beatles, riding boots, pvc boots with heels, etc.).

On the online shop you can buy pvc footwear, handbags and fashion accessories in Pvc entirely Made in Italy.


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