Bertolani Costruzioni
Gino Garbellini Case History

Bertolani Costruzioni was personally involved in the realization of the Porta Nuova Garibaldi project working closely with the architect Gino Garbellini founder of the Piuarch studio.

Thanks to the refined and innovative construction technique it was possible to respect the architect's project idea ensuring its design fidelity. Siglacom has supported the management of Bertolani in the planning and realization of this video case history and in the development of a strategy able to build instruments capable of accelerating the business of Berolani. Telling success stories through the actors directly involved in the realization through an empathic tool like a video, allows to amplify the synergies between the actors involved and attract new potential business opportunities.

Project Management Siglacom

Features: asset enhancement strategies / brand communication / video interviews / video reports
Team: project manager / drone pilot / cameraman
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