Vetrocar was founded in 1999 as a company specializing in the replacement of crystals, attached to Vetrauto, a leader in the production and trade of automotive glazing, active for over 50 years.

Vetrocar offers an integral service of repair and replacement of glass from the car to the Tir, with long experience in the field.
Also specializes in anti-rain and application of tinted film approved and guaranteed ten years.
Thanks to the competence and professionalism of its qualified technicians, Vetrocar is able to solve instantly any damage to your glass (windshield, rear window, descendants, fixed windows).

All work is guaranteed and certified on both labor and product used.
Vetrocar installs exclusively original crystals and first plant, logged or not logged on, at prices considerably competitive due to the direct relationship with the Vetrauto, which is an official partner of the group Vetrocar.

Each seat is equipped with Vetrocar mobile workshops to carry home interventions for greater savings in time and taking care of every single detail in the finishing. Vetrocar, if there is an insurance policy on the windows where you have to make the replacement, takes care of all the operations necessary for insurance reimbursement, taking care of all the necessary paperwork.
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