Tras-mec is a leading company in manufacturing and installation of internal handling systems which target customers are both system manufacturers and users in the Italian and foreign market.

The Company handles all processes directly, from the consultancy on handling systems to design of monorail and two-rail conveying lines, up to manufacturing of conveyors and system testing. The Company is also capable of offering the customer a constant service of after-sale assistance.

Tras-mec tailors each internal handling system on the customer's needs, building conveyors with different sizes and features depending on the customer's needs. In addition to manufacturing turnkey systems, the company carries out modification and maintenance of monorail and two-rail transports.

The Company offers to the customer a handling systems maintenance service also for systems built by other companies, including dismantling of other systems and reassembling the new ones. Moreover, the company may also supply spare parts for the system's machines or modify the conveyors, even if built on non-standard models.

Tras-mec builds custom-tailored conveyors for handling and movement systems and for any need to modify and extend the existing handling systems, thanks to the modular nature of the elements that compose the monorail and two-rail conveyors.
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