TEC Eurolab

TEC Eurolab


Laboratory for analysis and tests specialized in metallurgy. The laboratory concentrates its activity on failure analysis services, SEM analysis, chemical analysis of metal materials, non-destructive tests NDT, metal materials tests, welding certifications tests, dimensional calibration services, welders certifications and calibration of measurement tools.

To satisfy any customer's need TEC Eurolab needs first of all highly qualified technicians, such as material Engineers, Chemistry and Physics graduates, international welding engineer, international technologist and technicians relating non-destructive examinations. 

Thanks to material technology and chemical analysis you can have aimed answers that timely and accurately meet requirements on materials and component behaviour during use. 

TEC Eurolab is concerned about many activities. The three most important areas are:

> Failure analysis services
Failure analysis service about as example welding, metal, chemical, corrosion, with destructive or non destructive tests, is a service created for the companies who want to know exactly the causes of the defect or crack of a component. To identify cracking casual factors it's necessary to make many analysis and laboratory tests by failure analysis technical engineers, detailed researches which allow for a rapid intervention and resolution of the problem.
Only after identifying the problem you can find good solutions or expedients using the most advanced technologies for defects definition.

> Welding
The centre of research and material tests is especially equipped to supply consulting, documentation issue laboratory tests addressed to mechanical firms which are handling a special process like welding one.

> Calibration
Measurement instruments calibration service is an important step in metrology confirmation process to which the appliances have to be submitted to check their measures. TEC Eurolab calibration centre provides accurate and complete measurements for different calibration field: length, pression, couple, temperature, strength and weight.
TEC Eurolab laboratory can is allowed to issue a SIT certificate (SIT – Servizio di Taratura Italia, read: Calibration Italian Service). 

TEC Eurolab S.r.l. is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, it is accredited by SINAL and SIT according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. 

Thanks to its experience TEC Eurolab makes training courses; people can choose among different courses, calibration courses, nondestuctive NDT courses, metrology courses, welding courses, corrosion courses and material classification courses.

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