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TEC Eurolab

TEC Eurolab is a private company established in 1990.
Founded with the aim of providing laboratory tests on materials used by manufacturing companies, over time it has been developed following the technological evolution of materials, processes and related industrial applications.
TEC Eurolab is a center of technical skills and testing laboratories where, based on the consolidated experience, the needs related to materials and processes are faced in a collaborative way with the customer, creating and transferring knowledge that contribute to improve and make the product more reliable. .
The main expertise of TEC Eurolab concerns additive manufacturing, industrial tomography, materials, the processes applied to them and the necessary tests to test and validate their chemical, mechanical and structural properties according to their use.

TEC Eurolab Academy

TEC Eurolab Academy offers a wide range of courses aimed at technicians and professionals, who wish to develop their skills in the field of Non-Destructive Controls, Welding and Materials. These courses are also aimed at new graduates, who want to enter the world of work, following a path of professional technical growth and are also an interesting opportunity for all those who need to integrate their curriculum and to train, to acquire specific skills in relation to the labor market. Finally, they represent a real opportunity for those wishing to undertake a professional retraining path, taking advantage of new job opportunities.

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