Tennis Tavolo Castel Goffredo

Tennis Tavolo Castel Goffredo

Tennistavolo Castel Goffredo Is one of the leading team of table tennis at national and international level.

Tennistavolo Castel Goffredo has a sports CV that appears to be the richest among all Italian table tennis company with 11 league titles to the level Female, 2 Patches for fomazione Male and the Champions League of 2006 girls, absolute record for an Italian team , repeated with bullying in 2007.

This triumph has made the company as the most famous throughout the world of tennis.

Table tennis Castel Goffredo means sporting excellence, a brand that has been able to revive and promote the name of the city at national and international level to the sound of success thanks to its teams of tennis of A1 and A2 series table.
Today the company besides the two table tennis teams in Serie A includes several other teams in the lower categories of ping pong and gives great importance to its work, especially in the young table tennis industry.

In the tournament of series A of the table tennis teams in the men's field and the female sector of the Tennis Castel Goffredo constantly demonstrate determination and sportsmanship results are remarkable and passionate about doing so more and more people in the world of table tennis.

Tennistavolo Castel Goffredo, a large family of success makes the game of ping pong an increasingly fascinating and overwhelming sports.

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