Social Strategy

The social network as a precious source of information and the discovery of new targets.
Unified strategies developed to guarantee brand value.
Federica Nota - Project & Social Media Manager
How to sell thanks to social media is a question that many companies ask us, but to answer we need to make an important consideration first.
We think that the goal of selling today, should not be merely "sell", but insert the end customer into a process, which is the purchasing process, which consists primarily of the dialogue between two parties involved: l company and the customer.Pensiamo che l'obiettivo di che vende oggi, non debba essere meramente "vendere", bensì inserire il cliente finale all'interno di un processo, che è il processo di acquisto, che è costituito innanzitutto dal dialogo tra due parti in gioco: l'azienda ed il cliente.
From the consequent loyalty to the brand and to the decision to purchase, which translated for the technicians is the conversion to the purchase.
Social media is born above all to provide unlimited possibilities for dialogue between the company and the customer. That's why being present on social media means actually giving voice to their corporate values, their corporate vision, their daily work, their range of offers and services designed for the public.

Social media have broken down many barriers, clearing the concept that the company is unattainable and untouchable by the end customer, this should not be seen as a limitation on the part of the company, but rather must be grasped as an opportunity to show itself in its dress better.
This is clearly the result of a social media team building the company's presence on social media, so which platforms to use, an effective strategic plan, which language codes to use to maintain an effective image and web reputation also on social platforms.
The social media team activates a series of actions that are essential in the editorial strategy. First among these the one of listening to the needs of its consumers and its community and at the same time also of the analysis and monitoring of the communication of its competitors.
One of the very important tasks of the social media manager is to stay up-to-date on the technical implementations of the platforms, to be able to communicate them to the client and to manage them together in the strategy, guiding them in a process of changes that is continuous season after season. which is the most suitable communication at the moment, which is the most suitable platform that can perform us the most.

SOCIAL STRATEGY: listening and sharing with social communities

  • creation of publishing plans
  • management of publications
  • graphic and video realization
  • advertising campaigns
  • feedback analysis
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