Simit Dental

Simit Dental is an Italian company, leader in the distribution and sales of materials and specific equipments in the dental sector since more than twenty years.
The top seller product of Simit Dental si Pro Train.
ProTrain is the first Endodontic System and it has been realized to allow and facilitate the simulation of the dentist’s endodontic therapy during work-shops and trainings.

With this patented device it is now possible to perform endodontic therapies on extracted teeth as if they were still in vivo.

The system allows to block every type of tooth thanks to the three interchangeable grabs with different diameters; the tooth is blocked in the grab and the root is dipped in a conductor gel that simulates the periodontium.

With ProTrain it is possible

  • to measure the root canal lenght by inserting the k-files connected to the apex locator.
  • to shape and fill the root canal being sure the tooth will always stay in the right position
  • to do digital radiography
  • to make endodontic irrigation
  • to measure the files through a millimetered scale

The box contains:
3 grabs

  • Grab 1 for small diameter teeth= incisive, canines and premolars
  • Grab 2 for medium diameter teeth= premolars and canines
  • Grab 3 for large diameter teeth= molars

1 ring nut to locking the tooth
1 metal bar
1 pack of gel for 3 / 4 practices

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