Siglacom Strategy Keynote
Performance Digital Index

Mirco Vanoni - Project manager
The evolution of the business model and of the way of doing business with the advent of the digital instrument since the early 2000s has generated the need to develop new metrics able to identify performance indicators in the digital instrument.
Starting from this need we have built a platform able to identify those that are the main metrics able to define the effectiveness and efficiency of digital campaigns, two of the main tools that allow us to identify the performances in the digital world are the PAR (Purchase Average Ratio) and the BAR (Brand Advocacy Ratio), the PAR allows us to identify the purchase rate that is the number of people who have made a purchase in relation to the number of people who know our brand, then gives us a vision clear of what are the conversions of our visibility then of our awareness.
The BAR instead offers a clear measurement of the number of people and users in which it has developed the phenomenon of advocacy compared to the number of users who know the brand, in this way we have a clear indicator that allows us to assess how much our communication has been able to involve our public, and therefore our target audience.
Shareholders and companies use ROE (Return of Equity) as an indicator of the return on their investments, while PAR and BAR make it possible to measure the return on investments and therefore visibility into user involvement, PAR and BAR are therefore two indicators that allow you to accurately and accurately evaluate the performance of your digital investment.

Digital performance indicators
In digital projects and it is not important to identify indicators to detect the performance achieved, the so-called KPIs (key performance indicators) that allow monitoring the performance achieved by the project in its various phases, it is therefore important to use a platform and a strategic department in able to build a customized performance detection system to fully monitor the performance of digital projects and omnichannel projects.
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