Startup and Crowdfunding

Supporting companies and entrepreneurs in the approach to new sectors and markets is the commitment for each project.
What drives our digital path is the experience gained in many cross-sector case histories.
Mirco Vanoni - Project Manager Siglacom
The strategic consulting service for startups is a service that supports the entrepreneur in developing his business model.
Starting from the identification of the distinctive characteristics of its business initiative, defining its assets and developing all the strategies that will contribute to the success of its business project.
The first step in strategic consulting for startups consists of an in-depth analysis of the reference market, identifying the competitors and the distinctive assets present in the same.
Starting from this analysis, we compare ourselves with the entrepreneur to choose the best tools for the development of their business.
Among these tools the most powerful are the digital instruments
The digital instruments, in addition to the ability to develop its business, therefore through the brand awareness in the world and the real sale opportunity through e-commerce, it also allows to find the necessary funds for the development of its business activity, one of the most current examples is the crowdfunding, which is a digital funding system, that is, accessible only in the digital world, which allows companies to recover capital for the development of their business idea.
Donation crowdfunding is dedicated to all initiatives for social or environmental purposes, while the Reward crowdfunding is dedicated to initiatives that provide a reward of various kinds in exchange for a monetary quantity.
Lending crowdfunding is a type of crowdfunding that provides a loan that is higher than the normal interest rates of any other secure investment.
Finally, the equity crowdfunding is dedicated to entrepreneurs who make available company shares in exchange for an investment, so investors will see a share of the startup share recognized

STARTUP AND CROWDFUNDING: develop entrepreneurial initiatives in the various steps of business development

  • advice for project roadmaps
  • project tunin
  • communication plan structuring
  • Siglacom Club network management
  • crowdfunding campaign implementation
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