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Elena Lucchini, Project Manager
How to increase the interactivity between users and website, improve usability, and above all make sure to converge the physical experience with the virtual one?

These are the questions from which we started to develop strategies to optimise project, thus improving the usability of users, their browsing, and therefore making sure that the website converts more.

For the brand Grana Padano PDO Protection Consortium, we started from analysing the trends of interests and behaviors of users who regularly browse the website, and we found out that the greatest interest is about the world of Grana Padano in the recipes.

The world of Grana Padano in recipes has been extensively addressed on the site and we have also optimized the search through the implementation of filters.

The desire to transform a physical and concrete experience what is actually virtual pushed the Siglacom team to develop a tool, that would further enhance the perception of recipes on the site. We have created a plugin to download recipes that turn them into cards that can compose a notebook, as if it were a real recipe book.

The ever more widespread trend of people browsing the sites through their smartphone has led us to enhance the recipe tool in a "mobile-friendly" view, with an interface that is highly intuitive and has a fresh and impactful graphic layout.
At the heart of the navigation path and on the card of each recipe, the Grana Padano logo is still evident, a graphic strategy that allows to increase brand awareness.

In order to increase the interactivity between users and the website and to create a multi-channel between site, video and paper, we have opted to insert a QR code on each recipe card.

Playing on impact images, buttons and QR code, all elements that simplify the browsing experience of users on the site, we want to engage people in an immersive experience that connects them more with their beloved brand.
The will to approach Grana Padano brand to its target audience is the beating heart of the optimization and development strategies of the project. From the analysis of the interaction between users and the website, it comes out that people are more interested about recipes with Grana Padano.

In order to pay more attention to the needs of the final target, Siglacom team has designed a tool that allows users to download recipes and turn them into cards that can compose a recipe book.
The easy usability and the multi-channel nature of this tool make the browsing experience on more interactive and multi-channel.
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