Carrozzeria Scartapatti was born with Giuseppe Scartapatti and evolved as a mechanical workshop and body shop. The business evolves with the entry of the sons Alessandro and Lorenzo who specialize respectively in painting and sheet metal work.
Scartapatti takes care of all the services from the Extreme treatments, glass dimming with 3M films, Car Customization 3M, hail damage straightening, leather interior refurbishment, aluminum car repair.
Particular pride of Carrozzeria Scartapatti is the professionalism in the restoration of vintage and high-value cars of any brand and the execution of both sheet metal work and painting in compliance with ASI regulations respecting the originality of the car.
Competence, professionalism, certifications and passion are the elements that distinguish the work of Carrozzeria Scartapatti, a prestigious and "certified" signature in the world of vintage restoration.
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