Reflexx SGR

Reflexx SGR

Reflexx S.r.l. is a leader company in distributing in Italy and Europe of Disposable latex, Nitrile, vinyl and household gloves. 

The Reflexx brand gloves are manufactured with great elasticity for great sensitiveness thanks to High technology plants and a thorough choice and selection of the raw materials.

The high quality of gloves Reflexx for their use in different sectors such as food, medical and health care, professional cleaning, sanitation, mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

The careful choice and selection of the disposable and household gloves is based on a long experience and a tight partnership with the manufacturers, based on extreme care and consistency of the quality of Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile gloves, and steady and constant quality check made at the departure and arrival of the goods, before distributing the gloves in the market.

The gloves comply with different EEC Directives and regulations:
• Directive 92/42/EEC related to Medical devices
• Directive 89/686/EEC related to Personal Protective Equipment in terms of Safety 
• Reg. 1935/2004/CE and DM 21.03.1973 e smi in terms of items meant for Food Contact

Reflexx S.r.l. is a Company that believes in the Reserch and development and , even in a tough market, coninuosly invest in new Materials and Quality Rubber, Synthetic gloves, in order to supply a Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl glove suitable for any professional use at the best pricing.