Our Vision is defined by the business partnership Omega-Net:Client.
The partnership is achieved through the synergy between Omega-Net internet strategies and the Client's knowhow, in order to face the competition in global markets with the highest potential.
The assets in the partnership are Business Analysis, Business Model definition, Internet Business Site development and creation, Movie Studios, Multimedia and Search Engine Marketing implementation, Social Network management through Viral Marketing and Reputation Marketing campaigns.
Our Vision is expressed in the personal relation with the Client, who is always treated with the greatest care.
Omega-Net: "Always one step ahead, at Your side".

Omega-Net srl single-shareholder

Headquarter: Via Salgari, 9 - 46010 Levata di Curtatone (Mantova, Italy)
Phone +39 0376 291114
Company Registration Number and VAT Registration Number 01750310201 
Share capital, fully paid-up: Euro 31.200,00
Mantova Business Register - REA number 179344


Year: 1995


Massimo Passani Chairman / CEO
Andrea Belfiori Fanti CEO / CSO
Nicola Pietralunga CEO / CTO


Skill: business strategy / engineering management / project management / sociology / psychology / marketing / statistics / communication / software engineering / human resources training / research & development.

siglacom group

Omega-Net  is a Siglacom group company 
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0376 291677