Since the 1970's, Martini Spa has developed and manufactured sponges for body care and well-being, products for home cleaning and for car maintenance and cleaning, made in Italy, from processing expanded polyurethane, to creating innovative sponges and accessories with unique colors and shapes, with high-tech features and high quality materials and design, intended for large and small scale distribution.

Martini Spa has two main category of products: Martini Spa Beauty products for body care, including body washing sponges, sponges for massage, for skin care, scrub, and foot care, and makeup and de-makeup pads and sponges. Martini Spa Beauty sponges and mitts are created to cleanse the body and face skin, in a way that is deep, gentle and natural, and they are made of high quality materials: bamboo, cotton, linen, exfoliating sisal, cellulose, natural fibers enriched with aromatherapy essences, materials treated with anti-bacterial silver ions. The materials and design of the Martini Spa Beauty makeup pads allow perfect makeup application, while the pads for makeup removal have gently exfoliating features and are made of anti-bacterial materials.

The second category is Martini Spa Home, consisting of household products and car cleaning products. This category includes sponges and cloths for home cleaning, made of green and eco-friendly materials, for ecological house cleaning with delicate, natural and high-performance fibers: bamboo, cellulose, cotton, sisal.

Today Martini Spa is a main player in the Italian industry of sponges and cloths for house cleaning and sponges and accessories for body care.

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