Design and quality in aluminium wheels are the characteristics of the Italian company who produces car wheels and racing car wheels; the production forwheels dealers covers alloy wheels, aluminium wheels, light alloy wheels, special wheels, tuning car wheels, custom wheels, custom suv wheels, 4X4 wheels, 4X4 suv wheels, wheels for competition, wheels for touring, suv wheels,tuning car, car wheels, racing wheels, alloy wheels rim.

Thanks to the technological know-how and to the deep knowledge of the market Mak Wheels started very rapidly in 1991 and nowadays has a position of extremely relevance in the Italian and international wheels market; the company maintains a constant level of growth thanks to new projects and new alliances.

Mak Wheels knows that wheels cover approximately 25% of the vehicle's surface; this shows how important is the influence of alloy wheels in the general look of a car; it has also been statistically proved that wheels are chosen in 85% of cases purely owing to their aesthetic appeal.

The car wheels company doesn't produce only wheels of high quality, but is also able to crate new and original design, proposing sporty, aggressive and classic aluminium wheels and light alloy wheels.

Mak Wheels offers also car wheel Tsw; alloy wheels characterized by a design extremely poured and refined, with an exceptional robustness, suitable for any type of car; light alloy wheels are available in a wide range of sizes.

Custom wheels factory leader in the tuning car wheels; Mak wheels dealer has recently presented a new design of wheels which is destined to improve quality and style of the cars.

Then company has launched a new models of racing car wheels, racing wheelscharacterized by a design extreme aggressive and elegant at the same time.

As to the 4X4 suv wheels and sut wheels, Mak Wheels has launched some models of 4x4 wheels and suv wheels exclusively for SUV (sport utility vehicle), SUT (sport utility truck) and imponent 4X4 cars; the new models of 4X4 sut and suv wheels have very elaborated design.

On the web site you can find more information about aluminium wheels for touring, special wheels, wheels for competition and custom wheels.

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