la Conta Dividi

la Conta Dividi

Since 1999, Promel is on the market with its line of coin counting and sorting machines, La Conta Dividi, which over the years has become the reference range for the Gaming sector.

Today, the funded relationships and partnerships with national and international Customers, prove how able Promel is to follow high quality Standards.

Any coin counting and sorting machines branded “la Conta Dividi” offer different features and functions. This allows to satisfy a wide reference target including retail, vending, parking and gaming. 

PROMEL collaborates with Customers to define the best coin counters for their processes, developing tools, applications, special functions. When requested, Promel design dedicated coin counting machinces based on our core technologies, tailored upon special applications or layout requirements.

The range of coin counters includes portable coin counting machines sorting machines easy to use.
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