Gran Premio Terre di Canossa

Gran Premio Terre di Canossa

The Grand Prix of the Terre di Canossa has been created to be the pinnacle of historic car events on an international scale, is totally new and aimed at fulfilling the expectations of the enthusiasts who are taking part in the new motor race. 

This is a new Italian race historic car event and it will be a race track of 600 km between the River Po and the sea, 18 hours driving, where the most scenic routes will be in "free flow", and partly on one way roads. 

In order to guarantee the highest standards of quality, the event has been limited to 100 historic car: pre-war cars and post-war cars - up to 1969 - will compete against one another along the historic roads of this race. 

The first historic car will take place from 14th to 17th April 2011, on the 9th centenary of the coronation of Matilde di Canossa as "ViceReine of Italy" by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V. 
As icon of the GP Terre di Canossa there is a natural monument, a mountain that is known since thousands years to travelers who cross our land: the Bismantova’s Stone, mentioned also in “divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri.

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