Event planning & managing

Planning and management of events with a view to business development.
The event as a corporate asset and a touch and enhancement point of customers and prospects.
Sebastiano Tartari - Chief Project Manager
The event has always been a fundamental element of corporate communication. The advent of the digital world and social networks, does nothing but emphasize the importance of an event that becomes a valuable asset for the company.
For this reason it is important first and foremost to think optimally about which guests you want to invite to the event. Guests can be of various kinds, or they can be customers, who want to value, can be prospect business, so people potentially interesting for the company and want to go to stimulate, or guests that we could define "color", or guests who add value to the event.
For each of these types it is necessary to make an invitation, a personalized invitation and to understand the specific importance of each type of guest. These guests must then be welcomed, so at the moment of the start of the event the guest must be welcomed and accompanied in the activities that are taking place, to try immediately to remove the moment of embarrassment that often happens when you do not know well to what is going on?
The company at this time has a great value to be able to put in place and that is to make people feel comfortable invited.

Also in this context fall the activities that are defined as reportage. When we go, together with the company, to study what will happen during the event, we also go to study what are called "rewarding activities" for the guests, that is, they go to study the shooting, the possible interviews that are made to these people, depending on the target of reference, the relative importance of the host and depending on what the company wants to achieve in the final part or in the recall.
The recall is very important and thanks to digital tools it truly becomes the node and the focal point of the whole construction of the corporate event. Through recall and through the creation of video reportage it is indeed possible to underline the importance that the specific guest has had for the company.
This obviously creates virtuous company-customer circles, which allow to continue the loyalty in the case of acquired customers, rather than actually become customers of corporate prospects.
All these aspects can be studied and must be studied before the event takes place, in order to have all the possible facets under control.

EVENTS FOR BUSINESS PITCH: planning and management of events with a view to business development

  • planning of corporate events and gala events
  • marketing and communication of the event
  • enhancement of PR
  • concept of the event concept
  • hospitality services and on-site support
  • planning shows
  • performer identification
  • creation of digital invitations
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