Euro Mec

Euro Mec

The EURO MEC S.r.l. technical staff is the heart of our firm and can boast years-lasting experience on the Environmental Engineering field, specialized in planning and managing commissions for plants to be built or tools and technologies for civil and industrial discharge water as well as drinking water plants.

Our staff is also specialized on conceiving tools for first rain water treatment and sewage flow rate controlling.

Our tools are the following:

Planning and feasibility studies of depuration plants, water treatment plants, first rain plants and drinking water plants
Detail engineering
Commission development
Purchase managing with a technical-sales supervisor regarding equipment and plants.

The EURO MEC S.r.l. plants and tools are chosen or proposed according to the highest quality and safety standards.

The EURO MEC S.r.l. planning staff cooperates with the most important European partners in order to study and realize the most advanced technologies on the environmental field.

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