Digital assessment

Corporate culture and process optimization in digital optics.
Digital transformation as a tool for business improvement.
Sebastiano Tartari - Chief Project Manager
How to undertake a process of digital transformation within a company. First of all, it is necessary to understand what the company flows are and what are the characteristics of the normal business process performed to date.
To do this you need to do the so-called Digital Assessment, that is to identify all the company figures involved and what are the fundamental steps that the company is to travel when it passes from the acquisition of a potential customer, to the conclusion of the process.
To do this the support that is given to all company figures is primarily focused on understanding the internal company resources, both when it comes to human resources, and when it comes to technological resources already present in the company, which can be improved to re-enter the digital transformation process.
This first phase of digital assessment is used to give the first priorities for the various activities that will be developed together with the company. This is because it is; we can not think of facing a process of digital transformation from one day to the next, but we need to establish a precise roadmap with activities that must necessarily be done in sequence.
Only thanks to the sequence and the development of the roadmap and its continuous control, we can understand what are the strategic factors to go to identify and improve. This is also to find out what are the internal strengths of the company, which must be particularly cared for.
Once the degree of digital predisposition of the company has been identified, the tasks for the various figures involved must be defined, whether they are internal or external to the company, and also those that are the most digital tools are identified; suitable, in order to build the whole process that goes from the acquisition of the potential customer, to the conclusion of a contract or the sale of a service / product.
All these phases are supported by dedicated project managers, both on the human side, and then on empathy towards the internal figures involved, and on the technical side, and then figures that structure a technical service able to support all the phases of the process.
The various phases of this process must be analyzed, developed and put into action in order to produce a digital transformation that is an added value for the company and not something that is going to break the traditional balance.
In this sense we prefer to talk about digital innovation and not transformation, because it is; we try to go and recover the good practices of the company, to insert them into a process that instead becomes more new, more flexible and in step with the times. All this is always to guarantee the maximum returns to our customers.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: analysis and strategies to grow the corporate digital culture

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