Design & Creativity

Strategic and structured approach to creative production and design.
The management of the omni-canality in all its aspects to obtain the maximum for the brand.
Cristian Bertazzoni - Art Director
For a designer it is important to find mainly sources of inspiration and above all to know as much as possible about culture and everything that surrounds it. An informed designer, a designer who knows many things, even apparently the most insignificant ones, but being interested in things, being curious and finding sources of inspiration, is probably one of the most important skills and things for a web designer and an art director.
The simple look around, take inspiration from nature, from colors, from its geometric shapes, which are then transferred to projects, from its elementary forms to landscapes, from what they transmit to you: all this is a way to get ideas, to find in oneself, that stimulus, that idea, the idea to complete a project and to find a winning idea.
I think that the artistic skills, the desire to be interested in certain disciplines, is fundamental and this is also part of the character, but it is also important to study, devote and have consistency in wanting to grow and learn many things, I repeat not only in merit strictly to their work, but also in other areas.
An art director, in my opinion, must know how to relate with his colleagues and other web designers, to build a team capable of working together. The art director should have that skill to be able to instill enthusiasm, desire to do, desire to discover, desire to find new creative ideas.
This is something that is not at all simple, because being able to sing many pieces, which in themselves are good, but put together create a concert that is not always easy to manage.

DESIGN & CREATIVITY: creativity and integrated approach

  • web usability
  • logos design
  • creation and layout of printed brochures
  • graphic design of exhibition stands
  • exhibition concept layout design
  • labels and packaging realization
  • billboard design
  • totem graphic design
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