Desert Technologies
Site UX immersive design

Desert Technologies is an innovative systems and product development company that provides turnkey technology solutions in the areas of sustainable energy, water and transport.
It is an ethical company that wants to reduce the environmental impact in the energy sector, trying to combine the benefits for the community with the interests of investors.

The desire to increase the competitive capacity in the online market, has stimulated the need to study a new online approach to both technology and marketing aimed at the business.

The usability studied for the web project allowed to create a recognizable hierarchy among the different contents of the page. The language is also aligned with the target of the brand, which can thus navigate it in a simpler and more intuitive way.
The UX has been enhanced by making it more immediate and usable, and the various services of Desert Technologies are easier to recognize and navigate, especially from mobile.

Lead Generation
The contact modules are fundamental, designed to adapt to the large number of variables and different situations present: this allows the flow of incoming information to be managed in an optimized manner, resulting in greater linearity and precision in customer care activities.

Stream management and digital transformation
The development of the web platform and the usability and lead generation criteria implemented, are the first step in the Digital Transformation process of the Desert Technologies team, which will be accompanied by the complete shift of the focus on digital, in partnership with the Siglacom team.

Siglacom Project Management
Analysis of customer goals
Analysis of the features and project design
Ux Study
technical development
responsive technology

project manager
usability designer
software architect
graphic designer

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