Came Domotic 3.0

Came Domotic 3.0 

Came Domotic 3.0 is the new brand for integrated domotic system by Came.
Home automation Came Domotic 3.0 is new generation, because the architecture of the system is completely innovative and characterized by:

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of installation
  • Maximum Performances
  • Possible expansion thanks to wireless modules

The Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system has a particularly innovative architecture that endows it with ease of use and installation, the possibility of expansion, and  unprecedented  performance.

All Came Domotic 3.0 home automation solutions are designed to fit the specific needs of the user, with modules and technologies designed to allow maximum freedom and to get the maximum benefit in terms of: comfort and well-being, safety, energy saving.
To achieve these objectives, the Came Domotic 3.0 home automation system integrates and coordinates modules and elements:
> Comfort and well-being:

  • lighting
  • automation
  • sound system
  • remote control

> Safety:

  • video entry
  • technical alarms
  • intruder

> Savings:

  • thermoregulation
  • supervision
  • energy management


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